Ann Maloi working in the Radio Room at Big Life Foundation headquarters.

Ann Maloi was an inspiring ranger working with Big Life Foundation in Kenya. Sadly, Ann passed away from cancer in early 2021, leaving her family and colleagues at Big Life devastated.

Ann was described by her colleagues as having a “megawatt smile that could not be dimmed” and as an integral member of the Big Life team she was rapidly promoted. Ann started as a radio operator in 2018, supporting rangers working in remote areas of the Greater Amboseli ecosystem from her base at Big Life HQ. In this position, Ann was inspired by the challenging and exciting work that rangers did every day. Instinctively, Ann jumped at the opportunity to become a ranger in 2019 when The Thin Green Line Foundation and Big Life collaborated on a training initiative for local women.

Ann, alongside five other trailblazers – Agnes, Anne N., Joyce, Linet, and Veronica – became the first female rangers at Big Life Foundation. This was a significant milestone for each of the women and for Big Life itself given that many Maasailand communities follow traditional patriarchal structures. This initiative was the first of its kind and succeeded due to the strong relationships that Big Life Foundation and Thin Green Line Founder, Sean Willmore, have developed with Maasai elders.

The first women to become Rangers with Big Life Foundation (left to right) Anne M, Ann Maloi, Linet, Agnes, Joyce and Veronica.

While working at Big Life, Ann became financially independent and was confident in her ability to provide a good life and education for her two children. While her work was demanding at times, she was never deterred and was proud to be setting a high standard for her young daughter.

When we heard of Ann’s untimely passing, Thin Green Line had recently established a Junior Ranger program with Big Life Foundation. Hearing of this devastating news, we pledged to support the early education fees for Anne’s youngest child, while Big Life will support her eldest. Ann’s children are now in the care of their grandmother and are being supported by Ann’s colleagues and the wider Big Life team during this painful time.

Ann Maloi’s daughter Alana with her Grandmother.

We are comforted in the knowledge that Ann’s family have been supported by the Big Life community, and that her children will receive the education that Ann had planned for them. Her legacy will live on in her colleagues and, of course, in her children.

Sadly, many other rangers lack the strong support network that Ann had. When a ranger is lost unexpectedly in the line of duty, their family may not have anyone to turn to.

That’s why we established our Fallen Ranger Fund.

We provide a financial lifeline to the families of Fallen Rangers if the unthinkable happens. Rangers are often the main source of income for their extended families and, while we know that money can’t compensate for the loss of a loved one, it can offer relief to bereft families. Our Fallen Ranger grants are often used to pay for schooling fees, housing, general living expenses and, in some cases, we’ve even helped families set up micro-businesses through which they become financially secure and independent.

Click here to help support the families of Fallen Rangers today.

In memory of Ann Maloi, a cherished member of the Big Life team and the global Ranger Family.