Left to right, Rangers Ann Nairoshi, Linet Sailepu, Agnes Sopilal, Joyce Sereya and Veronica Lanoi. Image courtesy of Big Life Foundation and Intrepid Foundation.

In a year that changed so unexpectedly, The Thin Green Line has strengthened its resolve to support Rangers on the frontline of conservation.

We’re very pleased to share The Thin Green Line 2019-2020 Annual Report.

As the official charity partner of the International Ranger Federation, we understand that the numbers need a perspective to be meaningful.

There are many more Rangers and their families that need our support and we will strive to do more each year. We know that Rangers we have supported would tell us,

“Keep going, this work has made a real difference to our lives and to our critical work.”

The programs and projects, the partnerships and outcomes the report refers to are a testament to the commitment of thousands of people working directly or indirectly in conservation, including all of our supporters.

Hopefully you have some time to learn a little more here about the outcomes of TGLF’s work in 2019-2020. We welcome your comments and feedback on the Annual Report at [email protected]


Yours humbly, 

The Thin Green Line Team