Sean Willmore is the founder and Managing Director of The Thin Green Line Foundation, former Australian ranger and President of the International Ranger Federation (IRF).

Sean pursued an idea and dream to support his fellow park rangers worldwide. After selling his car and re-mortgaging his house, he set off around the world to make the internationally acclaimed film The Thin Green Line, and shortly after founded The Thin Green Line Foundation.

His talks draw on experiences from the front-line of conservation in over 50 countries worldwide, from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Colombia. He’s been awarded by the United Nations, City of Melbourne and the International Ranger Federation, with his work also recognised by HRH King Charles III, HRH Prince William, along with TGLF ambassadors Dr Jane Goodall and Prof Tim Flannery.

To book Sean as a speaker at your next event please contact us at [email protected].

Testimonials from some of the people who have booked Sean to speak at their event

My first exposure to Sean and his Thin Green Line Foundation was hearing him speak as the Guest Speaker at a Fire Conference in Victoria. The room was full of field based fire practitioners from across Australia who had come together to renew old acquaintances, gain some knowledge on new technology and enjoy a hearty meal and many drinks. As soon as Sean commenced it became clear he was like no other speaker I, or others, had ever had the pleasure of listening to. He immediately gained the full attention of the whole room of over 120 people and for the next 40 minutes you could have heard a pin drop.

His enthusiasm was infectious and his passion and knowledge awe inspiring.

He has the ability to show compassion and present this in a manner that is mixed with humour and insightful personal experiences.

Upon listening to him speak at this venue I felt compelled to try and get him back to speak to my own agency in my home State. By the time I had arranged this I had already elevated Sean’s value to the status of hero and only hoped that he would be able to deliver to that level of expectation. I need not have worried as the reception he received was tumultuous. The sincerity in his presentation, the worldly experience he demonstrated and the absolute passion he exuded was obvious to all who were present.

Sean is a true leader and he has the ability to take people along on a journey in which they themselves become an integral part.  He is able to gain unquestioning support from a whole range of the community which was highlighted to me when one of our lowest paid level of employee donated $150 to the Thin Green Line cause and required nothing in return.

A truly amazing person undertaking an equally amazing cause.  The world would be a truly better place if we could clone Sean.  I have no hesitation in presenting this testimonial and only wish I could think of more superlatives to describe this amazing person

Neil Cooper

Manager Fire, Forest and Roads , ACT Parks and Conservation Service | Department Territory and Municipal Services

We were delighted to have Sean attend our annual fund raising cocktail party.  Sean gave a presentation to 70 guests – young children to grandparents – and they were all enchanted by his inspirational, interesting and enlightening talk.   The enthusiasm that emanated from Sean flowed to our guests.  After the presentation,  he was so willing to share stories and challenges faced,  answer questions, enjoy a beer and pass on his warmth and commitment to TGLF.  

Robert and Lynda Erskine

RELY Culinary Technology

Sean Wilmore is a genuinely inspiring individual who made an incredible and indelible impact upon our students. Sean’s presentation on the work being done by the Thin Green Line exposed our students to issues that they were unaware of and inspired them to get involved in active conservation work.

The Thin Green Line exemplify the ability of any individual or organisation with the drive, persistence and passion to achieve very real change in our world. In many respects The Thin Green Line exemplifies the ability of NGO’s to intervene and make a difference where governments and international bodies cannot.

Alex Scott

Geography Teacher, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

What an inspiring person!  We love having Sean come and speak to our first year Wildlife and Conservation Biology students about his career and his amazing work with the Thin Green Line Foundation.  To see a person touching the hearts and minds of 100+ students each year and giving them a clear “you can make a real difference” message is truly amazing.  I know for many students, that 1 hour with Sean is enough to give them direction and inspiration to help drive their own careers in wildlife conservation.  There are not too many people with such passion and dedication to their cause.

Associate Professor Raylene Cooke

Course Director Wildlife and Conservation Biology, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science Engineering & Built Environment Deakin University