Anti-Poaching Ranger Training & Capacity Building Project Africa

Issue Date: 23 September 2014


The Thin Green Line Foundation (TTGLF) in collaboration with the International Rangers Federation (IRF) is seeking $2 million dollars in investment and support to secure and fund a unique and effective Anti-Poaching Ranger Training initiative.

The initiative would ensure the Anti-Poaching Training and Capacity Building of more than 400 Community and Government Park Rangers in 9 of Africa’s elephant range states, to help Rangers in their dangerous anti-poaching work and to support the families of ranger killed in the line of duty.

Founder and Managing Director of TTGLF and IRF President, Sean Willmore, is honored to attend the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting this week in New York, to speak with world leaders across government, business and other NGO’s to help secure investment for the world first initiative and reduce the human toll associated with poaching.

“In the past 10 years alone it is estimated that over 1000 Park Rangers have been killed; 75% of them by commercial poachers and armed militia groups. This is largely the untold story of poaching”, Sean Willmore said.

“If we don’t provide a practical solution and support the Rangers on the front line, they will unfortunately continue to be killed and injured, along with the animals they protect. More wives will be widowed and their children will unfortunately not only lose a parent but will not have an income to secure their education”.

“Currently many Rangers do not have the necessary basic equipment and training to do their jobs and stay safe, so they can return home to their families each day”.

“The Clinton Global Initiative provides The Thin Green Line Foundation with the opportunity to partner with great minds and influential leaders across government and business to give the Foundation the best chance possible to change what is happening every day in Africa and across the world”.

“The Anti-Poaching Ranger Training & Capacity Building initiative would help us ‘Protect Wildlife’s Protectors’ and ensure the survival of our most treasured species, like the elephant, for generations to come” said Sean Willmore.

In an exciting announcement The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has today confirmed it is very interested in supporting this project and the rangers and their families on the frontline of conservation and will decide on a grant this fall (Northern Hemisphere) and encourages others to support this important initiative as well.