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Donations from UK and USA:

Can be made via our registered charity partners, The Thin Green Line UK and BornFree USA.

The Impact of your donation

No one can do a job well without the right tools… Providing good field equipment is high on our list of essential support,”   -Tim Redford, TGLF Partner Freeland Thailand.

We know Rangers are made of the right stuff. They also need a lot of kit and equipment to do their job  the stuff they wear and carry.  Uniforms, boots, water-proof jackets, tents, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, first aid kits, PPE, and torches. It all adds up to a wellequipped guardian on the front-line of conservation. fully-equipped ranger is ready to face the challenges of an extended patrol away from their base and their familyor the dangers of poachers and militiaas well as the other hazards of the wild places they strive to protect. We know that the right equipment can make the world of difference to Rangers –  enabling them to work more efficiently and safely. The morale effect of this material support is immeasurable. Rangers are the most effective and irreplaceable frontline resource in nature conservation, and they protect the vulnerable communities they live in. Together we can step up and support the men and women risking their lives every day to protect nature, who, like you, are striving to ensure a conservation legacy.
The Thin Green Line Foundation (ABN: 22 126 573 779) is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations of $2 or more to The Thin Green Line Foundation are tax deductible in Australia.