Feature Image: Rangers on patrol – Big Life Foundation.

We’re really pleased to say that we’ve sent funding to 24 Ranger organisations in 18 countries. This is largely emergency support for Rangers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; other projects focus on equipment provision and training for Rangers.

For a small foundation supporting rangers across the world, it’s an enormous commitment – the result of 12 months of fundraising.

According to Thin Green Line’s Jennifer Mann, allocating limited resources in response to over 180 deserving requests has been a huge challenge.

“With so many applications, it’s taken a while to get to this stage but the prospects of helping such a diverse group of conservation projects are very exciting,” said Jennifer. “Some recipients are already well known by Thin Green Line, while many are new project partners who have impressed us with their proposals”.

A Ranger stands, only hands and torso visible, with a pair of old, worn and torn boots.
A Ranger holds a pair of old, worn out and torn patrol boots. Image courtesy of Big Life Foundation.

Thin Green Line’s grants are providing emergency support to geographically diverse projects for wildlife protection and land conservation. Many of the projects will help protect flagship species including chimpanzees, orangutans, elephants, and black rhino. Protecting these populations and habitat safeguards innumerable other species. Other projects will target conservation of birdlife, and initiate conservation programs in areas that have not been protected before.

“This year we were inundated with applications for support,” said Jennifer. “Not surprising with the global tourism drought impacting the world’s national parks and protected areas.”

We’ve identified more projects that we want to help as soon as funds are available.”

A landscape view over flat land directed towards a mountain

Working with Big Life Foundation, your support will enable dozens of rangers in Kenya and Tanzania to protect wildlife and habitat with well-equipped field patrols.

Image: Tsavo National Park – Jeremy Goss, Big Life Foundation.

A group of Rangers with water backpacks prevent a fire from spreading into Way Kambas National Park.

Save Indonesian Endangered Species Fund partnered by TGLF will address land clearing and fire-raising in Way Kambas National Park. 

Image: Save Indonesian Endangered Species Fund

A landscape view over flat land directed towards a mountain

With support from TGLF, The Association of Park Rangers of Sechura – Peru will be resourced to commence conservation projects in the coastal Sechura region.   

Image: Huascarán National Park © Martin (necktru)

Can you donate to help a few more priority projects? We know each one will make a difference to protecting key species and their habitats.

Help Us Support More Rangers

The Rangers in the world’s precious places aren’t asking for much. A small contribution can go a long way – almost as far as a Ranger goes on patrol every week!

We thank you for your continued support – The Thin Green Line Foundation team. 

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