Thin Green Line Foundation: Ranger Care Initiative

We believe that having the right equipment enhances Ranger safety and wellbeing, boosts the morale of hard-working Rangers, and ultimately enables Rangers to protect wildlife more effectively.

The Thin Green Line Foundation’s Ranger Care initiative aims to help field-based Rangers to obtain the essential gear they need in order to do their jobs effectively.

We are currently offering support to enable conservation organisations to provide their rangers with the critical gear they need – be that mosquito nets, boots, maps, torches, camping gear or even soccer balls.

Grants are available based on the gear required and number of rangers to be supported, with up to $1000 Australian dollars (AUD) available for each team of 10 Rangers. 

Apply today by completing the short application form and returning to [email protected] by 03 April 2020.

Please note that organisations are eligible to apply for this opportunity – individual rangers should encourage their employer, organisation or ranger association to apply on their behalf.