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World Ranger Day 2018: Albania

Terms & Conditions

The Thin Green Line Foundation Ltd Fundraiser Terms and Conditions

The Thin Green Line Foundation Ltd, ABN 22 126 573 779 (“TTGLF”) greatly appreciates your support in hosting a fundraising event (“Event”). You hereby acknowledge you have read, understood and agree to the following terms:

  1. Management and Cost: TTGLF bears no responsibility for management of the Event. The Event will be conducted in your name and you will be solely responsible for the organisation, conduct and outcomes of the Event, including all operational and financial requirements. All costs and debts associated with the Event will be borne by you, with no assistance from TTGLF and without deduction from any funds raised in association with the Event.
  2. Marketing and Communications: You will be responsible for all marketing and communications associated with the Event. You must make it clear in all promotional content that TTGLF is the beneficiary of the funds raised at the Event, but that the Event is not run by TTGLF. For example, you may not name the Event “The Thin Green Line Foundation’s Fun Run”, but you might name the event “Fun Run to support The Thin Green Line Foundation”. You must not communicate with the media regarding the Event without the prior written consent of TTGLF.
  3. Safety and Compliance: You must organise the Event with the safety and security of all attendees in mind. You bear the responsibility for the safety and security of all attendees. You must ensure the Event is compliant with all relevant laws, including any requirements to obtain permits, licences and authorities.
  4. Release and Indemnity: You agree, to the extent permitted by law:
    (a) to indemnify and keep indemnified TTGLF (including its agents and employees) from and against all claims, actions, proceedings, demands, damages, costs and expenses however occurring including, but not limited to, due to negligence (“Claims”) arising either directly or indirectly from, or in connection with the Event; and
    (b) to release TTGLF from all Claims that you or any other person may have or may have had but for this release arising either directly or indirectly from, or in connection with the Event.
  5. Fundraising: All funds raised in association with the Event must be provided without any deductions to TTGLF within 10 business days of the Event ending (unless otherwise agreed). These transfers can be made:
    – via the TGLF donation portal then opting to use either PayPal or a credit card. Please indicate the funds you raised were from your documentary screening in the comment box; or,
    – via the TGLF donation portal then opting to use online bank transfer to the following bank account (use your last name and R2R as reference):
    Name: The Thin Green Line Foundation Ltd
    Bank: Bendigo Bank Australia
    International Swift Code: BENDAU3B
    BSB: 633 000
    Account: 131 295 404
  6. Reputation: You agree not to do or fail to do anything or otherwise engage in any conduct or activity which will, or is likely to, bring TTGLF (including its agents and employees) into disrepute, or damage TTGLF’s reputation. The Event must not in any way undermine the work of TTGLF. You commit to conducting the Event in an ethical way that is consistent with the values of TTGLF.
  7. IP and Branding: Subject to your application to host the Event being accepted, TTGLF grants to you a limited, royalty-free, non-exclusive license for the duration of the Event (including the lead up to the Event) to use the TTGLF logo solely for the purposes of promoting the Event. Access to the logo will be delivered as part of an electronic fundraising kit provided to you by TTGLF. You must not use the TTGLF logo for any other purposes, without the prior written consent of TTGLF. No title or ownership in the TTGLF logo or any TTGLF intellectual property will pass to you at any stage.
  8. Consent: TTGLF may withdraw its consent to the Event at any time if it considers it necessary to protect the goodwill and reputation of TTGLF. The decision to withdraw consent is in TTGLF’s absolute discretion and it will not be required to provide reasons for such a decision. If consent is withdrawn, all fundraising, promotion and marketing associated with the Event must cease immediately, and the license granted under clause 7 is terminated with immediate effect. Any funds raised must be returned to TTGLF in the manner provided in clause 5 within 10 business days of consent being withdrawn.
  9. Privacy: You understand that in applying to host the Event, TTGLF may collect certain information about you including for example your name and contact details. TTGLF will use your information to tell you about its work. TTGLF will also encourage you to learn more about conservation and issues pertaining to the objectives of TTGLF and let you know about other opportunities to partner with TTGLF. You can set your own preferences for how you will hear from us by contacting TTGLF: TTGLF generally won’t disclose your information to anyone else. Importantly, TTGLF won’t rent, sell or exchange your information without your consent. TTGLF will take all reasonable steps to keep your information safe (whether electronic or in hard copy) and to keep it up to date. This includes complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. TTGLF expects its service providers to also look after your information carefully. TTGLF sometimes uses overseas or cloud storage facilities, but this does not change its commitment to safeguard your privacy. . For more information about how TTGLF uses information, see the TTGLF Privacy Policy.