Your Favourite Ranger

As the annual July 31 World Ranger Day fast approaches us, we’re putting a call out to Rangers, their friends, family and – of course – park visitors worldwide: tell us about your favourite Ranger, who is he/she and why do they have your respect and admiration?

Dr Jane Goodall told Thin Green Line Foundation supporters at our recent Merricks General Wine Store evening fundraising dinner in Australia: “Stories are everything” in garnering public support for critical conservation change.

World Ranger Day commemorates Rangers killed or injured in the line of duty.  It is also a celebration of the work Rangers do to protect the world’s natural and cultural treasures and is promoted by the 63 member associations of the International Ranger Federation (IRF), the Thin Green Line Foundation, along with individuals who support the work of Rangers and the IRF.

At the Thin Green Line Foundation we hear a steady flow of thoughts, events and profiles from the field, but we want even more stories of the protectors’ frontline work, so that we can pass them on to our followers and the wider public worldwide.

All your stories are welcome: acts of heroism and bravery, community involvement, challenges, initiatives, joys or just an insight into a day on patrol.

Your stories might be anything from a couple of dot points as a tip for us to follow up, maybe a couple of sentences or paragraphs, a picture caption, a bio, a longer story, diary entries, or sharing of a special celebratory occasion.

You could even send us funeral commemorative speeches/eulogies which are often powerful words which serve as reminders of our core purpose: protecting nature’s protectors.

At the Thin Green Line Foundation, we’re big fans of Rangers like Daniel Sambu from Kenya: Daniel is part of a team of 300 Maasai rangers looking after two million acres in Kenya, protecting lions, elephants, rhinos and many more species from armed poachers. In 2016 Daniel travelled to Australia with TGLF Founder Sean Wilmore raising awareness of the challenges Rangers face on the frontline of conservation. We want to connect people with more stories from more Rangers for World Rangers Day 2019. (Read the article with Daniel’s story on Mercury 2016).

Send Your Stories To Us

Wherever possible, we encourage pictures or video footage to accompany your stories. Please indicate that the subject has approved our re-telling of his/her story and photo.