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Photo: Adrian Steirn / International Anti-Poaching Foundation

The flow-on effects of having unsupported and at-risk Rangers are considerable and often dire for wildlife, for fragile ecosystems, for the families of fallen rangers and for the communities in which they live.

The Thin Green Line Foundation’s projects are firmly focused on supporting Rangers’ needs, with emphasis on those in low-income countries and conflict zones. All projects fit within The Thin Green Line Foundation’s 4 Pillars, which you read more about by downloading here.

Innovative Ranger train-the-trainer program

Equipping anti-poaching Ranger patrol teams

Financial lifelines to families of Rangers who died

Critical funding to a variety of frontline projects

LEAD Ranger Program

Simple skills training for Rangers saves lives, saves wildlife and saves money. A single Ranger trained in anti-poaching, intelligence gathering, tracking, first aid and community engagement techniques is more likely to safely apprehend poachers, survive wild animal encounters, prevent the killing of target species and return home to their families. If this is what one Ranger can achieve then imagine what 1000 Rangers trained in the very latest techniques could achieve.

We did.

The LEAD Ranger program takes the training of a trainer idea to the next level. Together with our conservation partners in the field, we’ve invested in an innovative training curriculum that fosters leadership and coaching to enable highly skilled Rangers to pass on this knowledge to new generations of Rangers. We’ve also invested in a simple low cost app that keeps Rangers up-to-date with the latest techniques. We’ve done this knowing that creating a legacy of highly skilled Ranger trainers builds a network of conservation support around some of our most threatened eco-systems, and promises a brighter future for the wildlife that calls these places home.

LEAD Rangers are the difference.



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Ranger Care Boxes

Essential gear to equip Rangers to protect wildlife

Having the tools required to do their jobs safely and effectively boosts Rangers’ morale and means that they can focus on conserving habitats and preventing poaching instead of repairing old boots or recovering from malaria.

Under our new Ranger Care Box initaitive, for just $1000 AUD we can equip a 10-person anti-poaching Ranger patrol team in Africa or Asia with the critical gear they need.

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Fallen Ranger Fund

The war on wildlife has many terrible outcomes, not least of which is the toll on Rangers and their families. Approximately 1,000 Rangers have been killed in the past 10 years, many of them murdered by commercial poachers. Invariably, the families of the fallen are left with nothing. The Thin Green Line Foundation is often their only hope. Our organisation provides a financial lifeline to the families of Rangers who have died or been killed in the line of duty. We are working towards ensuring that 100% of the families of the fallen are supported into the future.

This Fallen Ranger Fund includes:

  • Addressing basic human needs such as food, water, shelter and security;
  • Paying school fees so children can continue to receive an education (mandatory for all school aged children);
  • The set up of small business ventures, driven by the needs of each family, their personal aspirations, skill sets and cultural context.

Our support is targeted where other support is not available, aiming to provide long-term, sustainable benefits to families and communities. Below, you will find just some of their stories.

To apply for assistance from The Thin Green Line Foundation, please complete and submit this Application Form to info@thingreenline.org.au. Please refer to the Fallen Ranger Fund Application Guidelines for eligibility.

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Front Line Projects

The Thin Green Line Foundation provides critical funding to a wide range of frontline projects and programs worldwide. When Rangers are adequately trained, equipped and supported, positive conservation outcomes will follow and less deaths will occur (for both Rangers and Poachers).

The program/project areas of focus include:

  • Anti-poaching training programs to protect endangered species
  • Patrol technique training, focusing on safety patrols, violence avoidance, and community engagement
  • Providing security camps and medical assistance for Rangers in conflict zones
  • Paying salary supplements
  • Supplying mosquito nets for patrols and families
  • Distribution of water filtration kits and patrol ration packs
  • Supplying uniforms and patrol equipment

Please note:

Due to a number of operational changes at The Thin Green Line Foundation this year, we are reviewing our application process and timeframes to ensure that we are in the best possible financial position to support projects on the ground. The next call for major project proposals is likely to be in mid-2019. The exact timeframe will be confirmed as soon as possible. Please watch for announcements on our website and social media platforms. Should you have any questions email to projects@thingreenline.org.au

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