Fallen Ranger Fund

The war on wildlife has many terrible outcomes, not least of which is the toll on Rangers and their families. Approximately 1,000 Rangers have been killed in the past 10 years, many of them murdered by commercial poachers. Invariably, the families of the fallen are left with nothing. The Thin Green Line Foundation is often their only hope. Our organisation provides a financial lifeline to the families of Rangers who have died or been killed in the line of duty. We are working towards ensuring that 100% of the families of the fallen are supported into the future.

This Fallen Ranger Fund includes:

  • Addressing basic human needs such as food, water, shelter and security;
  • Paying school fees so children can continue to receive an education (mandatory for all school aged children);
  • The set up of small business ventures, driven by the needs of each family, their personal aspirations, skill sets and cultural context.

Our support is targeted where other support is not available, aiming to provide long-term, sustainable benefits to families and communities. Below, you will find  just some of their stories.

To apply for assistance from The Thin Green Line Foundation, please complete and submit an Application Form (pdf).  Please refer to the Fallen Ranger Fund Application Guidelines for eligibility.