Front Line Projects

The Thin Green Line Foundation provides critical funding to a wide range of frontline projects and programs worldwide. When Rangers are adequately trained, equipped and supported, positive conservation outcomes will follow and less deaths will occur (for both Rangers and Poachers).

The program/project areas of focus include:

  • Anti-poaching training programs to protect endangered species
  • Patrol technique training, focusing on safety patrols, violence avoidance, and community engagement
  • Providing security camps and medical assistance for Rangers in conflict zones
  • Paying salary supplements
  • Supplying mosquito nets for patrols and families
  • Distribution of water filtration kits and patrol ration packs
  • Supplying uniforms and patrol equipment

Please note:

Due to a number of operational changes since the beginning of the year, we are still reviewing our application process and timeframes to ensure that we are in the best possible financial position to support projects on the ground. At this stage, it’s unlikely that we will open an application window before the end of this financial year (June 30), but we are looking instead, to open one sometime in the first half of the next financial year (July to December 2018).

At present, we are registering all interest in the next round of grants, and the new application forms will be sent to those who have registered as well as made available through our website and usual channels.

Please register your interest by sending an email to [email protected].