Fundraiser Terms & Conditions

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These terms and conditions provide the basis for a fundraiser/event to be organised for the benefit of The Thin Green Line Foundation. If accepted, by completing and submitting a fundraising form, these terms and conditions will form the basis of any dealings between The Thin Green Line Foundation and your allocated Fundraising Coordinator in relation to the fundraiser/event.

Please note, these fundraiser terms and conditions are applicable to fundraisers/events run within Australia. For clarification on fundraiser terms and conditions for fundraisers/events run outside of Australia, please contact our office.

Organising the event

The volunteer Fundraising Coordinator is defined as the individual or organisation holding the fundraiser/event of behalf of The Thin Green Line Foundation.

Any fundraiser/event shall be conducted in the Fundraising Coordinators’ name and is the sole responsibility of the Fundraising Coordinator. The Thin Green Line Foundation is not able to take a coordination role in these activities and its staff are unable to assist in soliciting prizes, organising publicity, or providing goods or services to assist the Fundraising Coordinator in the running of the fundraiser/event.

It is essential that the percentage amount to be donated is displayed on all printed materials relating to the promotion. The Fundraising Coordinator will need to ensure all state legislative requirements are met.

Logo and branding

The Thin Green Line Foundation name and logo can be provided for your use, on the conditions that all promotional materials are submitted to The Thin Green Line Foundation’s office for approval prior to publication and distribution. The Thin Green Line Foundation logo is not to be adjusted in any way.

All written correspondence and documentation should also include the full name of The Thin Green Line Foundation and should not be abbreviated to TTGLF.

Our values

It’s important to note that all fundraising activities and events must adhere to the Thin Green Line Foundation’s values of being environmentally and socially conscious. We aim to operate:

  • with integrity, honesty and openness to high standards in all areas
  • in line with universal human rights and values
  • by adopting a triple-bottom-line approach which considers the interrelated environmental, economic and social dimensions of nature conservation
  • by respecting and recognising indigenous and local cultures and traditions around the world
  • through compliance with all relevant legal requirements

The Thin Green Line Foundation will not knowingly accept support from companies or known individuals who defer from these values.

Legal implications and insurance

Your events must meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations (please ask us if you need help with this). You will need to consider:

  • Licenses and permissions (i.e. raffles permits, council regulations)
  • Insurance issues
  • The provisions of the fundraising legislation relevant to your state, and/or country if outside Australia
  • Implications of GST

Donor receipts

The Thin Green Line Foundation will provide official tax deductible receipts for donations of $2 or more for fundraising events within Australia only. These can be provided to you with your Fundraising Kit.

It is important to note that if any benefit is received in return for money given, then it is no longer classified as a donation and is not tax deductible (for example, the purchase of a raffle ticket is not tax deductible, as a chance to win prizes is being received). Receipts for tax purposes can only be issued to people giving donations of money.

All receipts books must be returned to The Thin Green Line Foundation office, as they are considered auditable items by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). They need to be returned whether they are used or unused.

It is a condition of participation in fundraising for The Thin Green Line Foundation that all fundraisers act in a legal and ethical manner when representing the organisation. Donors requesting information about your fundraising activities must be provided with full details, and if they require further information they should be referred to The Thin Green Line Foundation office staff.

Authority to fundraise

If your fundraising proposal is approved, as part of your Fundraising Kit, your allocated Fundraising Coordinator will receive a letter of authority to fundraise on behalf of The Thin Green Line Foundation. This will be sent via email or post. The Thin Green Line Foundation will issue you with a unique registration number, which should be used in all correspondence with The Thin Green Line Foundation.

The authorisation letter will be sent when:

  • We have received your fundraising form
  • We are satisfied that the Fundraising Coordinator will supply The Thin Green Line Foundation with a complete record of income and expenditure (if applicable)
  • We are satisfied that the fundraising activity fits in with the values and objectives of The Thin Green Line Foundation
  • We are satisfied that the fundraising activity is not a high risk activity

Your Authority to Fundraise letter should be produced upon request when asking for donations or sponsorship. This will help you demonstrate that you are a genuine The Thin Green Line Foundation fundraiser.