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Help to kit out a Ranger Care Box, protecting one to 10 Rangers in a team of 10: choose your multiple of $100.

You can dedicate your gift and get a physical card or a printable ecard to be sent to you or to your loved ones.

NOTE: Please add the gift card instructions for your dedication to the notes on the order at check out, along with the email (for an ecard) or the postal address you’d like to send the card to. You can also email us this information, or any questions you have on info@thingreenline.org.au.

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Rangers have a tough job - working remotely, separated from their families and risking their lives to protect the world’s wildlife. Research endorsed by Thin Green Line Foundation shows that 60% of Rangers in Africa and Asia lack the basic equipment they need to operate effectively – uniforms, boots, communications equipment and shelter. And with Rangers working an average of 76 hours per week and earning on average just $64 USD, they lack the means to solve this problem on their own. This is where we can help. Ranger Care Boxes equip 10 Rangers for just $1000 For just $1000 AUD we can equip a 10-person anti-poaching Ranger patrol team in Africa or Asia with critical gear they need.

Essential and locally relevant gear
Working with our international network of partner organisations we ensure that each Ranger Care Box is tailored to the specific local needs of the Ranger team it supports – guaranteeing that its contents are relevant and required. As far as possible, Ranger Care Boxes are assembled in the target country – supporting the local economy and reducing customs and logistics burdens.

Donate for Rangers – Protect Wildlife:
Having the tools required to do their jobs safely and effectively boosts Ranger morale and means that Rangers can focus on conserving habitats and preventing poaching instead of repairing old boots or recovering from malaria. The Ranger Critical Care Boxes ensure Rangers are safe, comfortable and supported. ✔ Boost Ranger morale ✔ Enhance Ranger safety and wellbeing ✔ Protect wildlife

Help to kit out a Ranger Care Box, protecting one to 10 Rangers in a team of 10: choose your multiple of $100