Train a Ranger to Protect Wildlife


Training rangers makes them more effective, more motivated, and more able to protect wildlife. Your contribution provides that training for 1 more ranger.

You can dedicate your gift and get a physical card or a printable ecard to be sent to you or to your loved ones.

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Research shows that 40% of Rangers in Africa and Asia do not feel adequately trained to do their job protecting wildlife. Inadequate training hinders the effectiveness of conservation, community development and anti-poaching measures, also costing Rangers their lives.

We want all Rangers to have the access to high-quality pre-service and in-service training they deserve.

By investing in Ranger training we enable Rangers to fulfill their potential - benefiting wildlife, families and communities.

We support conservation partners to develop their own bespoke Ranger training initiatives, facilitate international Ranger Exchanges
and are a founding partner of LEAD Ranger, a program to train the best local Rangers to be trainers themselves, to revolutionise Ranger training in Africa – and beyond.

Training through our innovative LEAD Ranger program creates a legacy of highly skilled Ranger trainers from local Ranger ranks. LEAD provides critical skills for Rangers to save lives, wildlife, and money with the benefit of continual training. LEAD Rangers are trained to pass on techniques in anti-poaching, intelligence gathering, fire management, tracking, first aid, and community engagement techniques; and are more likely to safely apprehend poachers, survive wild animal encounters, prevent the killing of target species, and return home to their families.

Training builds a network of conservation support around some of our most threatened ecosystems, and promises a brighter future for wildlife and the Rangers who protect nature.