Ranger Training & Equipping – Lake Tanganyika

ranger training lake tanganyika

Conservation Lake Tanganyika (CLT) identified the shortage of well trained and equipped wildlife rangers as the most pressing shortfalls in law enforcement capabilities for Nsumbu National Park.

Despite CLT having the capacity to provide the logistical requirements to conduct anti-poaching patrols, the lack of manpower prohibited a sustained and effective effort.

With support from The Thin Green Line Foundation, CLT was able to recruit, train and employ 5 Village Scouts and provide field patrol equipment for 22 law enforcement officers in Nsumbu National Park.

Graduation of the new recruits in January 2015 has resulted in a well-prepared and cohesive anti-poaching unit based in Nsumbu with full capabilities to perform well for the first time in decades.





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April 13, 2015