World Indigenous Network Congress 2013

World Indigenous Network Congress 2013

In May 2013 The Thin Green Line Foundation was funded to organise and oversea the exchange of 5 indigenous rangers from Africa to the World Indigenous Network (WIN) Congress in Darwin, as well as an exchange with Indigenous rangers in Kakadu and surrounds.

The delegates were inspired by the knowledge and understanding of the people and country they were visiting as they realised their ongoing connection to country. The African rangers engaged with local indigenous rangers and on many occasions there were similarities cross culturally in the understanding of themes and practices, from weaving to tools.

Overall the greatest benefit for the African rangers was a noticeable improvement in their morale and self-belief in their roles as traditional custodians of the land. The rangers were proud to have been apart of this exchange program, with Massai ranger Francis proudly replying to a family member on his return who had was inquiring about his trip to Australia, “Yes, because I am a ranger protecting the land and animals”.

All delegates gained a great deal of experience and contributed to the exchange with Traditional Owners and other participants in the WIN Congress. The Thin Green Line Foundation is proud to have been involved in the project.

Thank you to the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities for your support.

An article written about our involvement in the WIN Congress is available here.