Our Story

Rangers are the missing link in conservation. That’s why I’ll do everything I can to support The Thin Green Line Foundation.

Dr Jane Goodall

Our purpose

Every day, Park Rangers risk their lives to protect wildlife and wild places from poaching and other threats. Sadly, it’s estimated that over 1,000 park rangers have been killed in the line of duty over the past 10 years – a large percentage of these are due to commercial poachers and armed militia groups. Park Rangers are generally under-equipped, underpaid, and often under-appreciated. We think they are heroes. And we work tirelessly to to provide them with the support they need to continue to protect threatened species around the world.

What we do

The Thin Green Line Foundation Protects Nature’s Protectors by providing vital support to Park Rangers and their communities who are the front-line of conservation. We work predominantly in developing nations and conflict zones, and with Indigenous Park Rangers within Australia and abroad.

We are the only organisation solely dedicated to providing Rangers worldwide with the assistance they deserve and need. As the official charity arm of the International Ranger Federation, TTGLF has unparalleled access to Rangers worldwide.

The Thin Green Line Foundation is highly successful at delivering much needed support to Rangers, with a wide range of effective programs worldwide – from Kenya to Tanzania, Costa Rica to Guatemala, Thailand to Indonesia, and in many, many more places around the globe.

In the sad circumstance of a Ranger losing his or her life in the line of duty, TTGLF helps to ensure the widows and families are looked after into the future.

Through our work we aim to ensure that:

  • Park Rangers are valued for their vital role at the front line of conservation
  • Park Rangers, when in contact situations with poachers, have the ability to defend themselves
  • Park Rangers are provided with decent working conditions and a living wage
  • Park Rangers are provided with the skills and tools they need
  • Park Rangers families and communities have on-going support when Rangers are injured or killed in the line of duty


The Thin Green Line Foundation was founded by award-winning conservationist, documentary filmmaker and Park Ranger, Sean Willmore.

In 2004, Sean set off around the world to make a documentary about the stories and plight of Park Rangers. Taking almost 12 months to travel through 23 countries, he uncovered many inspiring stories along the way.

The Thin Green Line documentary premiered in 2007, capturing people’s hearts in over 50 countries. The film has since become an international success story, offering a sense of hope and pride for Park Rangers around the world.

The documentary became the catalyst for Sean to set up The Thin Green Line Foundation, to support Park Rangers in danger.


Sean Willmore and the Thin Green Line Foundation have been recognised globally for their conservation efforts, including:

  • Banksia International Award (2014)
  • Pride of Australia medal (2013)
  • Melbourne Award for Contribution to Sustainability (2013)
  • United Nations Association of Australia Environment Award (2009)

Our Ambassadors

Dr Jane Goodall

Dr Jane Goodall

Thin Green Line Ambassador

A legend of conservation and a beacon for hope,  Dr Jane Goodall is a proud ambassador for the Thin Green Line Foundation.

In July 1960, at the age of 26, Jane traveled from England to what is today Tanzania and bravely entered the little-known world of wild chimpanzees. She managed to open a window into their sometimes strange and often familiar-seeming lives.

Today, Jane’s work revolves around inspiring action on behalf of endangered species, particularly chimpanzees, and encouraging people to do their part to make the world a better place for people, animals, and the environment we all share.

Supporting The Thin Green Line and the rangers it represents was a no brainer – it’s a missing link in the conservation puzzle and I’m so proud to support this work in whatever way I can.”    – Jane Goodall

View Jane’s message to the world’s rangers on our Press Room.





Wouter “Wally” De Backer, better known as Australian musician and singer-songwriter Gotye, came to support the Thin Green Line Foundation through his friendship with founder, Sean Willmore.

Gotye has helped raise funds for the Foundation by performing at events, donating his song Eyes Wide Open to the Greenline Grooves album, and posing for an art piece which was then raffled off.

Gotye’s 2011 single Somebody That I Used to Know reached number one on the Australian charts and the Billboard Hot 100. He has won five ARIA Awards, three Grammy Awards and has been nominated for an MTV Europe Music Award.

facebook.com/gotye | twitter.com/gotye

Nicky Bomba

Nicky Bomba


Nicky is one of the longest serving ambassadors of the Thin Green Line Foundation. He donated music to the documentary that started the Foundation, and played at the film’s world premiere.

Nicky has since played at numerous gigs for the Foundation, donated music to the Greenline Grooves album, and introduced thousands of people to the Foundation’s work.

Nicky has worked with a number of bands from Australia to Africa to the Middle East, honing his reggae, ska and mento expertise.

With a passion for people and culture,  the music produced by this peace-loving troubadour is a melting pot of fun, adventure and exotic sounds of the people and places he loves.

 “It’s funny when I was  growing up I wanted to be a ranger – now I’m a musician helping rangers.”    – Nicky Bomba

nickybomba.com | facebook.com/nickybomba

Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery


Professor Tim Flannery is a renowned Australian paleontologist, environmentalist, author and climate change activist. He is a director of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, a member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, and a founding member of the Climate Council.

Whilst Tim is busy battling climate change, he is only too happy to be on board as one of our valued ambassadors.

Tex Perkins

Tex Perkins


Tex Perkins an Australian singer-songwriter, who is most widely known for fronting the popular Australian rock-band The Cruel Sea.

Tex became a Thin Green Line Ambassador after meeting Ugandan ranger John Makombo backstage at the 2012 Bluesfest in Byron Bay.

Always interested in conservation and apes in particular, Makombo  introduced him to the work of the Foundation after discussing Tex’s gorilla tattoo.

Tex has performed at a number of World Ranger Day events, promoted the Foundation in media interviews, and donated original music to the Greenline Grooves album.


Our Founder

Sean Willmore


Sean Willmore is a former Australian Park Ranger (11 years) and now founder and Managing Director of the Thin Green Line Foundation. He’s also past President of the International Rangers Federation (8 years).

While undertaking his work Sean has travelled to and worked with rangers in over 50 countries on 6 continents where he has been ambushed, held a gunpoint, charged by elephants and avoided militias. His efforts to bring attention to the dangerous work undertaken by these warriors has won him international acclaim. Using profits from documentary The Thin Green Line, Sean started The Thin Green Line Foundation (TTGLF).

His continual inspiration is from the men and women, the park rangers worldwide, that he represents and who do this front-line work on a daily basis.

Our Board

Dr William (Bill) Jackson


Dr Jackson is an independent environmental consultant with extensive experience in forest conservation, protected area management and community development.

He held the positions of Chief Executive of Parks Victoria and Director of National Parks for the Australian State of Victoria from late 2010 until June 2015. Prior to his appointment to Parks Victoria, Dr Jackson was Deputy Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

During his career, Dr Jackson has worked in Africa and Asia, supporting projects in Uganda, Tanzania, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan and a long period in Nepal where his PhD and practical field work took place.

Josh Watts

Board Member

Chief Operating Officer at Harbour IT & Converga Pty Ltd

An experienced business executive and people leader, Josh has over a decade of senior management experience across global corporates and emerging businesses including national general manager roles across Canon and Telstra. He has helped transform enterprises to achieve their maximum potential. Josh’s achievements in business and law include negotiating some of the biggest annuity contracts in Australia, running one of the largest multinational commercial cases ever in the Federal Court, and driving vision, developing strategy and building the culture that delivers it. He is proud to be involved in a cause he is passionate about – The Thin Green Line Foundation.

Emma Watts

Board Member

Director of Partnerships, Parks Victoria

Emma Watts has more than 20 years’ experience engaging and managing high performing teams across the not-for-profit, corporate and government sectors. Currently working at Parks Victoria as the Director of Partnerships, her role has carriage for driving key partnerships, programs and initiatives within the departments of tourism, internal communications, national and international engagement, education and interpretation, philanthropy, and membership.

Her previous positions include Director of Communications at Parks Victoria, Communications and Media Manger at Visit Victoria, Head of Marketing and Communications at Wesley Mission Victoria, Campaigns and Communications Manager at RSPCA Victoria, and Public Relations Manager at Museums Victoria. Emma is passionate about animal welfare and has spent the past 16 years working and volunteering to improve the lives of animals both in Australia and overseas. With The Thin Green Line Foundation, she continues on this journey by supporting those who care for some of the world’s most endangered and precious species.

Chantal Fowler

Director and Company Secretary

Manager, Governance & Business Systems at Bush Heritage

Chantal has extensive and varied experience gained working for Parks Victoria and Parks Canada, having worked in a range of areas including field research, volunteer management, interpretation and education, visitor services, customer service and business administration. Chantal now works at Bush Heritage, an independent not-for-profit conservation organisation that manages land to protect Australia’s irreplaceable landscapes and its magnificent native species.

Download The Thin Green Line Foundation’s Constitution.

Our Staff Team

Tim Schneider General Manager Thin Green Line

Tim Schneider

General Manager

Tim has himself spent over 25 years working as a ranger in diverse regions of Australia and he now sees the Thin Green Line Foundation as an extension of his passion to support and enable people in some of the most precious and vulnerable ecosystems around the world.

Between 2014 and 2019, he helped design and implement the Martu Leadership Program, at the instigation of Martu elders, in Western Australia’s Desert Region. This program enabled Martu to more effectively navigate mainstream expectations whilst maintaining Martu values and identity.

Tim understands the complexities of operating effectively within existing boundaries to achieve transformative change. A big lesson for him was appreciating the power of aspiration and knowing that possibilities are created when people have hope.

Tim has travelled extensively, has a young family and mentors many people he has met along the way. His favourite thing is to spend time in the Australian wilderness with friends and family, a good campfire and a swag.

Nick Besley

Communications Officer

Nick’s responsibilities are communications, Fallen Ranger support, and assisting with fund raising strategies. Working part-time at The Thin Green Line Foundation he is gaining many insights into international conservation.

Nick’s experience is based on more than a few years working in the tertiary education sector, mainly as a manager in marketing and communications. At RMIT he established a university-to-school peer tutoring program and created a successful series of science road shows for regional schools.

Jennifer Mann

Programs Coordinator

Jennifer is a conservationist with a background in protected area management and experience working as a Ranger in both her home country, Scotland, and in Australia.

Her admiration for Rangers began during her MSc studies when she visited Gabon; learning field skills and developing an on-the-ground understanding of the work undertaken by Rangers in the Congo Basin. She then embarked on her own career as a Ranger, gaining first-hand experience of the environmental and social issues that Rangers face daily while protecting endangered species and habitats.

She is thrilled to be working alongside Rangers once more. This time, utilising her skills and experience to coordinate programs that benefit and uplift Rangers globally. Jennifer is passionate about environmental education and is excited to develop The Foundation’s projects with the next generation of Rangers in mind.

Leigh Foster

Administrative Officer

Leigh is The Thin Green Line Foundation’s Administrative Officer with responsibilities for financial administration, management support and office management, as well as reporting and project administration.

With many years’ experience as a production manager and producer in the television industry, Leigh is an exceptionally well organised professional with outstanding project management and problem-solving abilities. Leigh has travelled very widely and is completing a degree in community and international development.

Sandi Allen

Long Term Volunteer

“I have been volunteering with TGLF for over four years. On my visits to the see the amazing wildlife of Africa and Asia, I have engaged with Rangers and seen their passion for protecting these wild places. They are always positive and work extremely hard, often against rather daunting odds.”
“My role of coordinating the TGLF merchandise plays a part in our important projects assisting Rangers, their families and communities to conserve vital habitats. All our volunteers have their own skills that can not only help with so many aspects within the running of the organisation, but they can also spread the word about the work TGLF does across the world. Our volunteers are passionate about wildlife and committed to supporting TGLF.”

Laura Moso

Fundraising and Development Officer

As a fundraiser at The Thin Green Line, a conservationist, climate activist and all-round nature and people lover, what drives me in my job is connecting with inspiring individuals that want to make a difference.
I’ve worked in Communications, Marketing and Media Production for nearly two decades, from international broadcasters, big tech companies to smaller creative agencies. Now I’m experiencing the joys of putting that experience to work for a bigger purpose.
I feel very humbled and inspired by the stories and the passion of our game-changer donors, supporters and volunteers at Thin Green Line.