World Ranger Day 2014 – July 31st

A message from Sean Willmore

(Founder of The Thin Green Line Foundation & President of the International Ranger Federation)

The 31st of July each year is the one day, more than most, that we ask the world community to pause, reflect and honour those park rangers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, and to importantly celebrate and acknowledge the brave, tireless, and critical role of the planets park rangers in protecting our world’s natural systems and endangered species.

To the world’s parks rangers, this is your day.

Many park rangers around the globe overcome and deal with the realities of extreme violence in their anti-poaching efforts, little support in terms of equipment and training, and hard living conditions with low wages and often remote living. In fact it’s estimated that we have lost over 1000 rangers in the last 10 years. Of those 1000, 103 were recorded as losing their lives in 2013, and a further 56 for this year. This is but a proportion of the true figure, as not all cases are reported or discovered until much later.

On this World Ranger Day we pay our respects for those listed on the Honour Roll for 2014 and spare a thought for those not yet reported and those also who are severely injured.  We must also do our best to support the families left behind.

We remember to support and celebrate the park rangers out on the front-line of conservation right now. Rangers who are out there now protecting endangered species and ecosystems, rescuing visitors, educating tourists and engaging local communities in conservation, protecting cultural and historical sites, and so much more.  We must celebrate your truly inspirational efforts and results.

Thankfully we are seeing a growing chorus of voices publically acknowledging and calling for greater support of the critical work park rangers undertake. It gives me great pleasure to bring to you a personal message from His Royal Highness Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, to acknowledge this special day.  HRH joins Dr Jane Goodall’s annual message as a park rangers ambassador

We also encourage all of you to participate on World Ranger Day.

1)      View the 2013/2014 Honour Roll

2)     Make World Ranger Day signs, to show your support and solidarity with all rangers around the world. (HappyWorldRangerDay print and HappyWorldRangerDay modifiable versions are available.) Make sure you share photos on our facebook and twitter pages!

3)     Watch the video messages from HRH The Duke of Cambridge and Dr Jane Goodall

  • HRH Duke Of Cambridge’s World Ranger Day Message –  downloadable via Vimeo or Youtube
  • Dr Jane Goodall World Ranger Day Message – downloadable via Vimeo or Youtube

4)   Use the HRH Duke of Cambridge & Dr Jane Goodall World Ranger Day Message Transcript for translation purposes

We thank you for taking the time to support our planets park rangers on this World Ranger Day, and supporting them on the front-line of conservation so that they can continue their critical work each and every day.

Kindest Regards

Sean Willmore


The Thin Green Line Foundation



International Ranger Federation