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Our story

The Thin Green Line

In 2004, Sean Willmore made a documentary about the life and work of his ranger colleagues around the world. This project took him to 23 different countries in 14 months and resulted in the production of the film The Thin Green Line, which was released in 2007. The film was screened in 50 countries and became an international success story, offering a sense of hope and pride for rangers worldwide, while also highlighting their struggles.

Sean sold his car, remortgaged his house and travelled the world for 14 months to bring you the story of the sometimes life-threatening challenges his colleagues face each day.

It became the catalyst for Sean to set up Thin Green Line, the first charity solely dedicated to supporting rangers and their families.

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Our ambassador Dr Jane Goodall, DBE

In 2010 Sean met ethologist and conservationist Dr Jane Goodall, DBE, who shared Sean’s concern for the welfare of rangers and their families. Jane became a close confidante for Sean and a staunch supporter of Thin Green Line. Jane remains our treasured ambassador to this day.

“I’ve worked with rangers all over the world and have seen first-hand the dangers and challenges these frontline conservation workers face. I’ve also felt the utter devastation left behind for the families of those brave men and women who lose their lives in the line of duty. Investment in critical equipment, training and professional development is of utmost importance, and that’s what Thin Green Line is here to do. By supporting rangers, we support their entire community and with that, we protect nature.”

Sean Willmore, founder of Thin Green Line

Our programs

We provide support packages that improve the day-to-day work of rangers around the world. We also initiate and invest in game-changing programs that achieve wide-reaching impact for ranger operations and community conservation.

Want to support rangers on the front lines of conservation?

We believe the practical, direct action of rangers is the most necessary and effective way to overcome the environmental challenges of our time. Thin Green Line is a global not-for-profit conservation organisation.

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