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Roll of honour

The ranger “Roll of Honour” recognises the people that have sacrificed their life to give nature another day.

Each year, Thin Green Line, collaborates with the International Ranger Federation (IRF) to gather information about the people who have lost their lives in the line of duty. We publish the ranger Roll of Honour in July each year, coinciding with World Ranger Day (July 31). The Roll of Honour was established in 2006. Since then, a total of 2351 rangers are reported to have lost their lives during or because of their work as a ranger.

Unfortunately, this number represents only those reported to us. It is widely accepted that many rangers’ work-related deaths remain unreported each year due to limited networks.

Thin Green Line and our global network of partners are actively working to expand our reach, ensuring all fallen rangers are reported to the Roll of Honour and their sacrifice is remembered. It is also our intention to support more fallen ranger families every year through our Fallen Ranger Fund.

Our programs

We provide support packages that improve the day-to-day work of rangers around the world. We also initiate and invest in game-changing programs that achieve wide-reaching impact for ranger operations and community conservation.

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