Rangers need your help now!

Rangers put their lives on the line every year protecting our most precious environments and wildlife. Every day they face poachers, dangerous animals, and perilous conditions, all to secure a better future for us and our children.

Ranger Orlat in South Africa has faced the worst of circumstances for his work protecting rhinos from poachers.

“Those involved in rhino poaching wanted to get rid of me and my colleague, Anton, so that they could operate freely. It was death threat after death threat until Anton was eventually assassinated at his home.”

Thin Green Line exists to support rangers like Orlat, and their families when they fall, like Anton’s. Your support is vital to the protection of our world’s most precious natural places and endangered species. By donating to Thin Green Line today you can create a better tomorrow.

The time to act is now!

Orlat Ndlovu (left) and his colleague, the late Anton Mzimba (right).

Thin Green Line provides direct support to rangers on the frontline of conservation by providing effective training, vital equipment, and emergency support to rangers and their families, and by developing strong global networks for rangers and their communities.

Orlat has been the recipient of life-saving support, for he and his family.

“After hearing about my story and Anton’s, Thin Green Line showed they cared and upgraded security at my home. Now, when I’m away, my family feels safe, and I feel safe too when I’m there. We installed electrified fences and CCTV that can monitor every movement within and outside my yard. Before the upgrade, I spent almost three months without going home because it wasn’t safe.”

“I cannot thank them enough for the effort they have put in place to save my life and my family.”

We need to do more, and now is the time to act!

By acting now you can support the 7,000 people impacted through our projects, including rangers working hard to mitigate climate change and increase biodiversity.

But to do this, we are facing some big challenges:

-Rangers being killed while working

-Lack of training / education


-Inadequate equipment

“My greatest fear is losing our natural resources, including wildlife, due to greed and corruption. If this can’t be stopped, we are heading towards the end of us. We need nature to survive, but nature doesn’t need us to survive.”

“It takes humans less time to destroy the environment than it takes the environment to recover from the damage caused. The need to stop al this is now.”

With your support we can expand our reach to rangers and their communities across the world, allowing us to reach our goal of doubling the areas protected by rangers globally.

Your support gives Orlat hope for the future.

“My greatest hope is that there are dedicated individuals who stand together and say ‘enough is enough’. That plays a huge role in terms of fuelling us as rangers to know that we are not alone in this fight. With unity we have a chance to turn the tables and save the world from this unnecessary and unspeakable damage to our ecosystem.”

This year alone, Thin Green Line will support up to 110 families of fallen rangers. To reduce the risk of death or disability, we will also train almost 200 rangers through our ‘train-the-trainer’ LEAD Ranger program, provide over $100,000 worth of equipment and connect 130 rangers and 2,700 junior rangers to their peers across 19 international locations.

We need your help. Please consider a tax-deductible gift today by clicking here. Together we will ensure that no ranger is left unsupported.

Thank you for you compassion, your dedication, and your support of our frontline defenders.

Now is the time to act!

Yours sincerely,

Sean Willmore

Founder, Thin Green Line

Orlat Ndlovu

Ranger, South Africa

P.S. Rangers and their families need your help now! Your support is vital to the protection of our world’s most precious natural places and endangered species. By donating to the Thin Green Line today you can create a better tomorrow.

P.P.S. A gift of $50 will provide a ranger with a warm jacket and a flashlight for night patrols. $100 will clothe a ranger in protective fire equipment. $250 will purchase handheld radios for communication in remote areas. $1,000 will supply an entire team with camping equipment and first-aid kits. $3,000 will support the family of a fallen ranger. Donate today.

Rangers are the missing link in conservation. That’s why I’ll do everything I can to support the Thin Green Line Foundation.”

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

Thin Green Line Global Ambasssador