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Ranger Support Grants: Recipients Announced

A Rhino Fund Uganda Ranger guiding tourists through Ziwa Wildlife Sanctuary.
Image by Tom Broadhurst.

October 25, 2021

The Thin Green Line Foundation is very pleased to announce the support for 32 projects through our 2021 Ranger Support Grant program.

The Ranger Support Grants program (RSG) opened for applications in January 2021, offering

funding between $5,000 – $40,000 US dollars to organisations seeking Ranger support in our four operational areas – Training Rangers, Equipping Rangers, Emergency Support and Connecting Rangers. A key focus of this program was the provision of livelihood support and PPE equipment for Rangers severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would like to congratulate the following organisations, representing a mix of new and existing partners, for their success in the 2021* Ranger Support Grants. Welcome to the Thin Green Line community!



Central America

South America



* To increase the number of projects supported through the Ranger Support Grant’s the above organisations were awarded grants across FY 20-21 and FY 21-22 (Australia).

Protecting Nature’s Protectors

At the Thin Green Line, we aim to keep our finger on the pulse, to understand what Rangers truly need, and to respond to those needs as efficiently and effectively as possible. The 2021 Ranger Support Grants remind us just how great the needs of Rangers are, and highlight that more support is urgently required. In total we received 183 separate applications from 62 countries around the world. These requests totalled USD $5.9 million (AUD $7.5m) and had a total reach of 14,500 Rangers. The success rate of applications was around 17%.  

The success rate was a consequence of Thin Green Line’s limited resources; it does not reflect the overall high standard of the applications. While many applicants were not successful, we were proud to work closely with The International Ranger Federation to reach so many organisations addressing conservation challenges in the world’s diverse regions. 

With our renewed understanding of the state of the Ranger profession we will strive to help more Rangers to continue their critical work in conservation.  

We thank those who stand with us and invite all to join us on this journey. Please consider donating today, to help us support more Rangers on the frontlines of conservation. 

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