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World Ranger Day 2022 – Diversity

July 20, 2022

Rangers are no strangers to diversity.

It is an all-encompassing theme which, ironically, is a connecting factor for so many Rangers around the world.

While diversity can create complexities, it also drives rangers to be inquisitive, resourceful, and determined. Just as we celebrate diversity in our natural world, we believe diversity amongst Rangers should also be embraced.

It is for this reason that ‘diversity’ has been selected by the International Ranger Federation and their partners as the theme for World Ranger Day 2022.

On this day, Thin Green Line will be celebrating diversity in:

  • Geographies – the multitude of places on earth where rangers work and interact with landscapes and communities.
  • Topographies and altitudes in which rangers work – the terrains and climates that affect the conditions Rangers work in.
  • Habitats and Biodiversity – the life and ecosystems on land and ocean that rangers conserve.
  • Cultures – the traditional lifestyles and communities that rangers preserve.
  • Communities – the heritage and living resources protected by rangers, from historic landmarks to community farms where people and nature interact.
  • People – the differences in gender, culture, looks and age that make up our Ranger family.
  • Skills – the complex abilities and qualifications needed or developed by rangers to carry out their important work.
  • Equipment – the critical, technical and often unexpected tools that support Rangers to do their jobs effectively
  • Organisations where Rangers work – from the Rangerers employed by federal and state governments, to those working with NGO’s, community groups, private landowners, and even those working on a voluntary basis.
  • Ranger roles and titles“Rangers’ go by many names around the world. Guardaparques, Forest Guard, Warden, Scout, Wildlife Ranger, Park Ranger, Landscape Manager, Protection Officer… no matter what the job title is, we’re celebrating the people that work to protect nature every day!

Diversity is key!

Help us celebrate the wonderful diversity within the Ranger workforce this World Ranger Day – 31 July 2022!

The Thin Green Line Foundation Team

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