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Amid the COVID crisis, the brave work of Rangers defending wildlife continues and is as critical as ever. We are working with our partners to support Rangers, many residing in the most vulnerable communities and ecosystems in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

We have launched a dedicated Fallen Ranger appeal in response to the alarming increase of Ranger fatalities reported this month and the number of families affected by the loss of a partner, a father or a mother.  We are asking you for your support to be able to reach these families and provide a financial lifeline to survive. 

Can you stand with the families of Fallen Rangers?

You can stand with the Rangers to protect your wildlife and your planet today.

Your help provides Rangers with critical training, essential equipment, connections to other Rangers and the vital care for Families of Fallen Rangers.

Training for Thai rangers

We work with Ranger groups, Ranger Associations and conservation partners in over 60 countries. Learn more about our programs.

Equipment for African rangers

We value your support, and that’s why 100% of all donations under $1,000 goes directly to the field.

We support tried and tested low cost solutions to conservation problems like poaching.

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Watch this message from Thin Green Line ambassador Dr. Jane Goodall.

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