Rangers defend wildlife. We stand with Rangers.


Rangers risk and often lose their lives in the line of duty. We are the only global organisation dedicated to Ranger advocacy and providing these brave defenders with training, equipment and critical care in the field.

You can stand with frontline Rangers to end wildlife crime and safeguard our future. Join this growing grassroots movement today.

Thanks to all our supporters for making the Ranger to Ranger premieres in Australia a success.

Missed out? Don’t worry, you can still see the documentary and even run your own screening, maybe helping us with a bit of fundraising too. Register now and we’ll send you an email with the video link – just $20 per screening, whether public or private.

Ranger to Ranger is a heart-warming documentary film that follows the epic journey of nine Indigenous Australian Rangers, along with acclaimed Indigenous musician Dan Sultan, as they travel to Kenya, Africa, to share knowledge, culture and music with a group of Maasai Community Rangers. Together with AFI Award winning writer and filmmaker Rhys Graham of Daybreak Films, The Thin Green Line Foundation is proud to tell this often-untold story of Rangers worldwide.

We’ve teamed up with team at Intrepid Travel to celebrate the release of our new documentary film, Ranger to Ranger, and offer you the chance to win the ultimate wildlife travel experience with Rangers in Kenya.

We work with Ranger groups, Ranger Associations and conservation partners in over 60 countries.

We value your support, and that’s why 100% of all donations under $1000 goes directly to the field.

We support tried and tested low cost solutions to conservation problems like poaching.

“Rangers are the missing link in conservation.”

That’s why I’ll do everything I can to support

The Thin Green Line Foundation.”

Dr Jane Goodall

                                                                                       Photo: Molly Ferrill / Freeland Foundation

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A massive thank you to our supporters