Rangers are the key

to global conservation.

Despite their importance

rangers are drastically undertrained and under-equipped.

Around 150 rangers

lose their lives in the line of duty each year. We support their families.

Thin Green Line

supports rangers in their role as nature’s protectors and first responders.

Rangers are the missing link in conservation. That’s why I’ll do everything I can to support The Thin Green Line Foundation

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New Look, Same Thin Green Line

Last year, in parallel with our projects, we quietly launched a new logo and website. We may look different, but we’re still the same team dedicated and determined to support more rangers. Read more about our rebrand and explore our new website.

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Want to support rangers on the frontline of conservation?

We believe the practical, direct action of rangers is the most necessary and effective way to overcome the environmental challenges of our time. Thin Green Line is a global not-for-profit conservation organisation.

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