The daily threat to park rangers

Sharing the knowledge, insights and lived experience of rangers, their families, and the global conservation community is critical to building a strong foundation of support for the work we do.

31st of July is our opportunity to remember Fallen Rangers, reflect on our achievements and reconnect with colleagues.

Witness the sunrise over the East African plains as you stand at the summit of the world’s highest freestanding mountain, all while raising vital funds for rangers on the frontline of conservation.

Indigenous women rangers swap desert patrols for professional development opportunities in the big city.

Last year, in parallel with our projects, we quietly launched a new logo and website. We may look different, but we’re still the same team dedicated and determined to support more rangers. Read more about our rebrand and explore our new website.

A look ahead at what Thin Green Line has planned for 2024.

A record number of rangers across nine countries trained, see how we are reshaping ranger training globally and putting a stop to preventable deaths.

Meet Amanda, - Thin Green Line’s inaugural ranger ambassador. Read more on her 95,000km expedition around Oceania.

Learn how the courage of dedicated rangers, paired with the right equipment, forms the perfect alliance for tiger conservation in India.

Discover the detective work of frontline rangers combatting wildlife poisonings from poachers in Mozambique.

Explore how innovative camera traps and a dedicated patrol team are safeguarding the critically endangered Sumatran tiger.

Indigenous Australian rangers share skills and stories with Kenya’s Maasai rangers.

Every day Rangers risk their lives to protect wildlife and wild places across the globe.

Sumatra, Indonesia is home to Sumatran tigers, elephants and rhino, all of which are critically endangered.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a land torn by civil unrest.

Thin Green Line continues to reach more Fallen Ranger families each year.

Pablo Guerra Aldazabal, jaguar tracker from our conservation partner Rewilding Argentina, takes us through a typical day in his life.

Wildlife tracker, Marianela Masat, from our conservation partner Rewilding Argentina tells us about the efforts they are making.

Craig Millar, Chief Operating Officer of Big Life, sat down with us to talk about the tremendous impact of the LEAD Ranger Program.

Constance Mwandaa of Wildlife Works in Kenya talks about becoming a ranger, the challenges she faced in a male-dominated industry, and her pride at being a leader.

An inside look at the training rangers go through to prepare them for the wild.

Amanda Dudgeon is a park ranger embarking on a 12-month solo expedition around Australia and the Pacific.

Rangers are no strangers to diversity.

A wildlife expert who worked extensively in the USA, as well as in Europe and Africa.

Losing a loved one is never easy, and when that loved one is a brave ranger who has made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our planet, the pain can be especially hard to bear.

Project partner Fundación Jocotoco protects critically threatened habitats and species in Ecuador.

We think it’s about time that we introduce you to a very special member of our extended team…

A message from our ambassador Dr Jane Goodall on the risks rangers face every day as first responders

Imagine a job where you’re helping re-establish nature on a vast scale.

The Thin Green Line Foundation is very pleased to announce the support for 32 projects through our 2021 Ranger Support Grant program.

Senior Brazilian Ranger, Marcelo Segalerba, talks about the challenges faced by rangers in Latin America, and their continued support from The Thin Green Line.